678 Korean BBQ located in Sydney




A place where diners will come for its flavour and warm atmosphere
Not only KOREAN BBQ, we have A variety of other accompanied side dishes to be served together with BBQ such as mouth melting steamed egg, CORN CHEESE AND KOREAN SIDE DISHES. At the end of your long day, WE would like to be a warm & comfortable dining place of yours to enjoy awesome meals and sharE pleasant times

A meat selection at 678 Korean BBQ in Sydney

Our top-secret sauce recipe
Flavour bursting, mouth melting marinated meats together with top premium meat selection have been our key drive for the success and this enables our meat dishes clearly distinguished from so many other Korean BBQ restaurants. You will be privileged to enjoy totally different level of premium meat feast brought by our secret marination recipe. Whatever you expect, we will satisfy you beyond your expectation!

A Place to Relax

At the end of a long day, you don’t want to have to think about dinner. You want to be able to choose a place you know you can trust to get food that will satisfy all your cravings. Kanghodong Baekjeong is that place. Our Korean BBQ will satisfy your hunger and your social needs. We are the place to go for great food, a fun environment, and a satisfying experience.

An Experience for Everyone to Enjoy

What sets Kanghodong Baekjeong apart from other Korean BBQ restaurants in Sydney is our atmosphere. We keep you happy throughout your whole meal. We play a fun mix of music, including K-pop, to keep everyone happy. We also keep a selection of recent music videos playing so you can have entertainment while you eat. As a part of the 678 Korean BBQ family, you know you’ll get a quality time.

A Menu That Will Satisfy

Our food is high-quality and made fresh. Our meats are delivered fresh each day and are never frozen and stored. We serve only the best food to make sure your meal is what you want. We carry a premier selection of meats, including wagyu beef and prime pork. When you choose a 678 Korean BBQ restaurant, you can expect nothing less than excellence.

We also prepare all our sauces, marinades, and dips in-house. So you will get only the best ingredients, the best recipes, and the best food at Kanghodong Baekjeong.

So come in today for food that will have you smiling all night. Contact us to make a reservation for your next meal.